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ChismAntione's Story

ChismAntione's Story

“It’s the first time I heard about Wigcount through a friend. I’m afraid I’ll be scammed. I saw a lot of ads on my hair and undetectable lace. They are all scammers. However, I tried to buy one, but when I When I finally got the full lace wig from Wigscount, I was stunned. Before I even installed the wig correctly, the lace was already integrated into my skin. I didn’t even need concealer or lace tone! My first-class quality of lace and how it works My wig installation looked surprisingly seamless. Don't even let me start talking about the quality of the hair. I bleached my hair and colored it, and the quality is still so beautiful and soft.

ChismAntione, on Nov. 21, 2019

The wigs she wear: Wavy Human Wigs

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