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curly bob wig

The most natural black wig you can try in any season

When it comes to hair color, there is no doubt that black hair has never been out of fashion and has always been popular. As a completely versatile hair color, it is also the most transitional color in the fashion industry, no matter what season or occasion. In order to help girls have the perfect hair color, WIGS COUNT specially provides black wigs of various lengths, types and textures. So let's take a look at these popular black real hair wigs.

Although everyone wants to stand out in this world now, the shiny hair of the crow is not as boring as people think. For example, Megan Fox, who was voted as the sexiest woman in the world in 2008, is a celebrity with black hair.
Bollywood actress Sridevi, known as India's first female superstar, has maintained a natural black hair throughout her Indian film career.

Now follow us to appreciate the natural look brought by shiny black hair.

Hot selling natural black wig

1. High-definition lace body wavy wig

The HD lace is softer, lighter, thinner, more delicate and looks more transparent than ordinary lace. It is completely fused with the skin and is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Therefore, the beauty of high-definition lace wigs is that no matter what your skin tone, it can match you very well. Maybe when you wear this HD lace closed 5 × 5 wig, no one can guess that you are wearing a wig.

In addition, the HD lace wig cap is soft and comfortable, allowing the scalp to breathe freely without ever feeling too hot or uncomfortable.

More importantly, the high-definition lace wig allows you to try various hairstyles, without worrying that people can see the base of the high-definition transparent wig. So you can design them as you like. In addition, they can be separated anywhere. Whether it's a side split or a center split, you can use a wig to do whatever you want.

If you are looking for a natural and realistic look, the high-definition lace closed wig will be your best choice.


2. V-shaped curly hair wig

As an upgraded version of the U-shaped wig, the V-shaped wig allows you to wear your scalp as needed, leaving no room or just a small strand. This means that you can regularly clean and care for the natural hair under the wig cap.
The most attractive thing about V-shaped wig human hair is that it has no lace, no glue, or even synthesis. For those people who are allergic to glue or have sensitive skin, this is a good choice because it will not irritate the scalp due to chemicals, and it will not pull the skin due to glue.

With high-quality human hair V-part wigs, you don’t even need to spend too much time cutting off excess lace, hiding lace holes, dealing with aggressive baby hair, or trying to blend with your natural hairline. Now you can wear your natural hairline and real parts without leaving white or just a few strands of fine hair. Winter is here, why not consider wearing a curly V-shaped wig as a winter protective hairstyle to help you through this cold winter.

In addition to V-shaped curly hair wigs, WIGS COUNT also offers high-quality V-shaped human hair wigs for sale.

3. Part of Body Wave U Wig

The U part wig is very breathable, and the U part wig cap is equipped with adjustable straps and clips to help fix the wig in place. Therefore, you don't need to worry about it falling off or slipping off easily.

Another advantage of your real human hair U part wig is that it can be heat-set, bleached, dyed, straightened, permed, and highlighted according to your requirements and preferences.

In addition, human hair U-shaped wigs can also help reduce hair loss and protect your hairline, especially when your hair cannot withstand tight weaves, which can even help healthy growth. Since these thin U-shaped part wigs do not require glue, your scalp is protected from chemicals, and if your skin is sensitive, they may cause irritation.

4. Water wave head with wig

This headband wig allows you to show your natural hairline, which looks very natural and realistic. You can also make a high ponytail or high bun and reshape it yourself. Read the different ways to design headband wigs and learn about the different ways to design hairstyles with human hair headband wigs.

As shown in the picture below, you will see this Brazilian hair wave headband wig is as soft as silk. Not to mention that the water wave hair looks very luxurious and thick. In addition, it not only does not require any gel or adhesive, but also does not take much time to cut off the excess lace. You only need to cut the natural hair back, braid it into braids, put the curly headband wig on your head, and then use the comb and adjustable straps to firmly fix the headband wig.

How simple and convenient it is! This means you can put it on and off every day to give your natural hair a break. Why not consider installing a water wave headband wig to create a natural and shiny hairstyle and give you a new look?

5. Short natural wavy bob wig

wave bob wig

As a recent hairstyle trend, short wigs with water wave curls will make the hair fluffy and reflect youthful fashion. Moreover, natural wavy hair is not synthesized, does not fall off, does not tangle, and has a long lifespan. Compared with other hair types, natural wavy Indian curly hair looks neat and smooth, and Indian natural wavy hair has a natural luster around it.
The black wig Bob can bring you a perfect appearance for life, weddings, dating, theme parties, role-playing, churches, schools, shopping malls, and any other forms and special occasions, thereby making you more confident and charming.

If you want to buy a natural wavy wig, why not consider buying it from the WIGS COUNT Hair online store? There are some honest customer reviews for your reference.

I really like this bob front wig. WIGS COUNT never disappoints me. Although this wig will take longer to deliver than the other wig. I think I am eager to get it, but I am grateful that I received it and I like it.

The hair is nice and thick as usual. I always order it from this supplier and like it.

Hair is really easy to take care of, I definitely recommend this type of hair. No shedding, no smell, no tangled hair.


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