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Generally, the lifespan of human hair wigs is usually very long. But why do some women find their wigs messed up a few months later? On the one hand, they may not maintain and clean their wigs in the correct way. On the other hand, they may ignore the problem of storing wigs.

How to store real human hair and wigs? Put it directly in the box? of course not!

Here are some tips on how to store wigs. Hope it helps you

1.Clean the wig before storing (if you don’t know how to clean your hair, please click here)
2.Store the wig away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage to the color and structure of the wig. In addition, please make sure to store your wig away from curious children or pets.
3.Put the wig on the wig head. Wig heads are a great storage option-they help maintain the shape and style of the wig before wearing
4.Storing the wig in a silk or satin bag can ensure that your wig retains moisture during storage and also prevents static electricity and tangles in the long run. For this reason, many wigs are sold with satin bags (such as Luvmehair). Pro tip: If you plan to travel with a wig, satin breads are also great because they won't take up much space.
5.As long as the wig is completely dry and free from tangles, it can be stored flat in a shoe box and storage box.


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